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Showcase Jewellers is Australasia’s premier buying and marketing group, representing over 250 independent jewellery stores across Australia and New Zealand. Our strength in numbers is your assurance that when you shop with your local Showcase Jeweller you are gaining exceptional value as our buying muscle allows us to pass on savings. Other benefits of shopping with Showcase Jewellers include:

  • Peace of mind that you have purchased quality fine jewellery (and that if a problem exists you know you can take your purchase to a bricks and mortar store to have the issue rectified)

  • Having access to both local and international suppliers so any specific request you have can almost always be fulfilled

  • Access to the latest fashion brands

  • Access to exclusive diamond brands such as Passion8 Diamonds, Dreamtime Australian Diamonds and CanadianFire

  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff

  • Most stores offer Interest Free Finance or take home lay-by options

  • National gift cards which can be redeemed at participating stores

  • The person who owns the store runs the store so they have a vested interest in making sure their customers are happy

  • Supporting local business and the community

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