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Jewellery is made from precious materials and crafted with care; it is essential that once these pieces of art are in your possession that you treat them with the upmost respect. Not only is it necessary for you to clean your jewellery in order for it to maintain it’s lustre, but to ensure that you receive your money’s worth in ensuring its longevity. Below are some simple steps you can incorporate into your everyday life that will ensure your jewellery lasts.



  1. Remove jewellery before entering any aquatic environment, while conducting cleaning tasks or while doing exercise.

  2. Thoroughly dry your jewellery with a clean, dry and soft cloth once it has been exposed to water.

  3. Makeup, Perfume and hairspray can damage your jewellery. Make sure that your accessories are the last to be put on.

  4. Make sure that your jewellery is the first thing to come off before getting undressed.

  5. Gently wipe your jewellery clean to remove skin oils and makeup.

  6. To avoid scratching your jewellery you should keep it stored in a separate compartment within your jewellery box.


  1. Delicate fashion pieces should not be worn every day.

  2. Diamond pieces should be professionally cleaned once a year.

  3. Regularly check rings to ensure claws or settings are not damaged.

  4. If there is damage, avoid wearing the item until it has been checked by your local Showcase Jeweller.

  5. Prepare a small bowl of warm water with a mild detergent. Brush pieces gently with a soft toothbrush and rinse under warm running water then pat dry with a soft cloth. 

  6. Alternatively you may purchase jewellery cleaner from your Showcase Jeweller which comes with its own easy to follow instructions or better yet take your precious jewellery to your local jeweller for a professional clean.




  1. Do not allow crystal jewellery to come into contact with hot water as it may cause the stone to appear cloudy.

  2. Avoid wearing other jewellery with your crystals as they are soft and may scratch.

  3. Do not use jewellery cleaning solutions to clean your crystal as it could affect the lustre and loosen the setting.



  1. Pearls are porous and must be kept separately from other jewellery wrapped in a soft cloth or pouch.

  2. Do not store pearls in an airtight container as they need moisture.

  3. Ensure your pearls do not touch perfumes or lotions as it may deteriorate the surface of the pearl.

  4. Ideally, pearls should be restrung every two years to ensure that the pearls are secure.

  5. Gently wipe the pearls with a warm, damp cloth to remove body oils or dirt (which may harm the colours) before putting them away.

  6. Wash pearls periodically with mild soap (NOT detergent) and a soft cloth. When finished washing the pearls, rinse them in clean water and wrap them in a thin, damp cotton towel to dry. If the pearls are especially dirty, wipe the pearl with acetone polish remover. Acetone will not hurt pearls. DO NOT use jewellery cleaners with ammonia or vinegar in them.




  1. Regardless of water resistance remove all watches before showering and store in a dry place. The steam in the shower or bathroom can cause irreparable damage.

  2. Do not wear a watch while performing physical activity, unless they are sports watches designed to withstand the motion.

  3. Store separately from other jewellery so that it doesn’t get scratched.

  4. Wipe with a jewellery cloth after every use to remove damaging makeup and skin oils.

  5. Never use abrasive chemicals, such as alcohol to clean your watch.

  6. Watch should not be worn in bed. Especially, where there is a magnetic underlay in use. 


  1. White gold jewellery is plated and is susceptible to wear over time.

  2. Avoid wearing white gold jewellery while performing household tasks.

  3. White gold should be professionally cleaned, polished and re-plated annually to ensure longevity and shine.

  4. In between professional cleans you can maintain your precious jewels at home. Talk to your local Showcase Jeweller about special jewellery cleaning products they offer.

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